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Hunan Yongjiayu Installation—National 2nd Grade Construction Enterprise, the famous brand of professional installation in Pulp&Paper industry production line. Our company was built in 1985 and was changed from nation-owned enterprise to private-owned Co., Ltd in March of 2006. Our head office is located in Changsha, Hunan . Early or late we set our branch company and maintenance centers at Pulp&Paper industry developed regions like ShanghaiShandong Guangdong etc..


The company registered capital has 10millions and the total assets have reached to more than 3.6millions at present. What’s more, the net assets are about 2.2millions. The company is well-equipped by all range sizes and types of huge lifting transportation equipments, such as 25 tons truck crane50 tons truck cranelorryfork lifter etc.; Moreover, imported&exact measurement instruments like theodoliteleveling instrumentlaser alignment tool etc. and various advanced professional tools used in world-advanced pulp&paper industry production line installation.


 The company insists on professional road and our philosophy is “essentialexcellentpowerful”. We keep on innovation, learn from strength of each and accept any talent one. By now, our staff has 882 , including senior engineers 13engineers 45professional technicians 187.


 The company takes “enjoy the future with the world’s paper industry” as our duty all along ; inherits “ credible realisticinnovativedevelopmental” as our spirit; stand by “ customers’ benefit first, customers’ value foremost” as our service concept. By means of successful cooperation and technology communication with world-famous manufacturers of paper machine such as METSO and VOITH, we have mastered a whole set of advanced production process technology, measurement methods and project management experiences of pulp&paper production line installation, and we have been given the ISO9001:2000 Quality Manage System Authentication in China and IQNET Authentication in Europe pulp&paper industry installation


  For last decades, the company has installed totally more than 200 pulp&paper production lines in different countries and places, the most representative projects includes 500000-ton newspaper with net trim width 11500mm and operation speed 2000m/min of Chenming Paper,1000000-ton high-grade stationary paper with net trim width 9770mm and operation speed 2500m/min of APP Jiangsu Jindong Paper,1200000-ton wooden pulp with net trim width 10500mm and operation speed 280m/min of APP Hainan Jinhai Paper,400000-ton linerboard with net trim width 5500mm and operation 1250m/min of Guangdong Dongguan Lee&man Paper,500000-ton coated white card paper production line installation project with net trim 5650mm and operation speed 1200m/min of Guangdong Nine Dragons,which are the success installation of production lines presenting the world-advanced level and indicate that our company’s installation level in pulp&paper production line has become world-advanced.


 By now, the company has developed into the leading installation one including pulp&paper machineprocess pipelineelectrical instrument Non-standard steel structure lifting equipment at same time. Yongjiayu people has created one professional road at pulp&paper equipments installation. We look forward to enjoy the future with the world’s paper industry.



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